40 People Share The Time They Saw Their Doppelganger In The Most Unexpected Places

It is said that among the eight billion people in the world, seven of them may look exactly like you. In other words, a person may have up to seven doppelgangers existing somewhere in the world. Although chances of finding one of your lookalikes are very slim, there’s still a possibility that you may bump into them, if you’re lucky. Some people have met their lookalikes and have even got a doppelganger photo. Surprisingly, these people are not even biologically related to each other. They just kinda look similar in so many ways.

The term itself was adopted from the German word ‘doppelgänger’ which consists of two substantives ‘doppel’ (double) and ‘gänger’ (walker). While it’s not uncommon to meet people that ‘look just like you’, coming face-to-face with your ‘lost twin’ who looks eerily similar to you is rather rare. But it could happen to anyone. Remember the viral story about a guy who found his exact lookalike seated next to him on an airplane? In fact, there have been more instances of complete doppelgangers meeting in random places these days. And it’s just a matter of time before you also find yours.

“My Godson Think He’s The Royal Prince”

doppelgangers kid looks like the royal prince

In earlier times, doppelgangers were initially deemed as harbingers of bad luck or as evil twins. And there’s an ancient belief that meeting your ‘double’ is a bad omen. But of course, time has changed and so have beliefs. Today, stumbling upon a complete stranger who looks exactly like you calls for a celebration. With our modern technology, there are also several apps that may help you find your doppelganger. Besides, stories about remarkable encounters between lookalikes are always fascinating to read.


Doppelganger Photo From Different Times

lookalikes unexpected places queen painting

But why do doppelgangers exist, considering the fact that humans are really phenomenally diverse? Is this an indication that our genes are already running out of options? It’s important to note that although we possess diverse physical features, we all have the same genes arranged in the same order. So naturally, some people would share similar features despite not being biologically related.

We’ve scoured the internet to compile these amazing stories of people who found their doppelgangers in the most unexpected places. And if you happen to have met your exact lookalike, don’t forget to share your story (with accompanying photos) too.


“I’ve had several people send me a picture of that picture that hangs in several Pizza Pie Cafe locations in Utah and Idaho. I’ve never worked at Pizza Pie Cafe but apparently I have a doppelgänger walking around somewhere.”

lookalikes unexpected places pizza pie cafe


“I Can Only Hope To Be Painted So Someone In The Future Can Do This As Well”

doppelgangers man in the painting


“Whoever Understood The Impact Of This Photo, Understood Everything”

doppelgangers girl in the book drawing


In The Flesh

doppelgangers the real mr fredricksen


“My Friend The Emperor Hadrian”

doppelgangers emperor hadrian


“My Japanese Friend Found A Game About Himself In A Shop In The Netherlands”

doppelgangers shogun book cover


“My Friend Found Himself In A Bag Of Chips”

doppelgangers bag of chips


“See It. Feel It. Become It”

doppelgangers become the painting


“When You Go To Get A Flu Shot And The Pharmacist Is Your Doppelganger”

doppelgangers pharmacist

“If My Friend’s Son Lived In Mexico, He Would Be Tripping Over Candles”

doppelgangers jesus christ lookalike


“My Haircut Is 200 Years Out Of Date”

doppelgangers beer standee


“I Found My Doppelgänger In This Painting At A Local Art Exhibit”

doppelgangers astronaut girl in the painting


“Noticed A Peculiar Resemblance In My Friend’s Nativity Scene Today. I Present You, The Fresh Prince Of Bethlehem”

doppelgangers will smith nativity figurine


“Found Myself In Berlin Museum”

doppelgangers flute girl in the painting


“So My Friend Just Found Her Kid’s Doppelganger”

doppelgangers kid hanging advert


“Found My Doppelganger In Poland, Unfortunately It Was On A ‘Willy Brush'”

doppelgangers willy brush packaging


The Adoration Of The Magi

lookalikes unexpected places adoration of the magi


“Friend Looks Exactly Like The Painting At A Bar”

lookalikes unexpected gustave courbet


“My Husband Ken Found A Mini Plastic Version Of Himself At Homegoods”

lookaliakes unexpected mini plastic version



lookalikes unexpected out of the painting


“My Daughter And This Painting”

lookalikes unexpected places girl in the painting


“My Friend Found His Doppelganger In The Subway Last Night”

lookalikes unexpected places subway


“Check Out This Hot Guy I Found On The Corner”

lookalikes unexpected places beardy guy winking


“The Time Picasso Portrayed Me”

lookalikes unexpected places picasso model


“Still Wondering Whether He Did This On Purpose Or Not”

lookalikes unexpected places police bust


“Just Doing That”

lookalikes unexpected places subway ad


“This Thrift Store Photo Is My Doppelganger”

lookalikes unexpected places thrift store photo


Searching For Doppelgangers

lookalikes unexpected places chain


Linguini From Ratatouille

doppelgangers real life linguini


“I Was At Work When We Noticed A Fantastic Lookalike”

lookalikes unexpected places gravy pot packaging


“The South American Version Of Shrek”

lookalikes unexpected places real life shrek


“My Doctor Said: “You Kinda Look Like That Guy On The Wall Over There!””

lookalikes unexpected places clinic ad


“My Teacher Looks Like Gru From Despicable Me”

lookalikes unexpected places real life gru


“When You Stumble Upon Your Classmate’s Side Modeling Gig”

lookalikes unexpected places modeling gig


“Today I Found My Doppelganger”

lookalikes unexpected places giant wooden statue


“I’ve Been Told I Look Like Chris Pratt”

lookalikes unexpected places chris pratt


“So He Kind Of Looks Like Me”

lookalikes unexpected places eddie rabbit