Artist Creates Miniature Tree Houses Sculpted Around House Plants

Tree houses are fascinating structures. But who would have known that downsizing them would make them more fascinating?  LA-based artist and potter, Jedediah Corwyn Voltz, creates miniature tree houses wrapped around potted plants and bonsai trees. As a former prop maker for movies, Voltz utilized his intricate craftsmanship and designing skills to handcraft these tiny structures.

Voltz uses wood and silk as the main materials in creating miniature tree houses. After cobbling the materials together, he accessorizes it with wooden furniture, art pieces, and decorative rugs. The result is a realistic, tiny tree house built around small common plants. If you look closely, you can even find surprising minuscule objects such as mini figures of residents and pint-sized plants. These miniature tree houses also feature mini tables and chairs as well as staircases and tire swing. In other words, every little detail from an actual tree house was elaborately copied into these miniature versions.

miniature tree houses jedediah voltz

miniature tree houses bonsai tree

The miniature tree houses are part of a series called Somewhere Small which was featured in Virgil Normal in April 23, 2016. You can buy Voltz’s other miniature creations on his online shop. Or check out his other works on his Instagram page.

tiny tree houses jedediah voltz


miniature tree houses potted plants

Voltz includes mini chair, table, staircase, rug carpets, and other pieces to give more life to these miniature tree houses

miniature tree houses details


miniature tree houses by voltz


miniature tree houses somewhere small series


miniature tree houses mini decors


miniature tree houses volts potted plants


miniature tree houses construction


miniature tree houses wind mill

Source: Jedediah Corwyn Voltz | Instagram