Confessions From Kids Who Learned They Were A Mistake

Children are often considered blessings. However, that is not always the case. Sadly, some children are treated badly and are not given the love they deserve.  So, what is it really like having parents who have always made you feel bad about yourself? These are some of the confessions from kids who learned they were a mistake. Take a look… 

Who doesn’t want to feel wanted?

Words like this leave a permanent scar. 

Being replaced is an awful pain. 

No wonder some kids run away and never look back.

When they make you feel like it’s your fault.

Children should never have to feel this way.

Go and live a happy, wonderful life! Win by making the most of your time on this planet. 

You are deserving of love.

Then you were clearly meant to exist! 

Not all truths are beneficial.

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Memories that leave you scarred for life.

When there are mysteries that suddenly make sense.

Nobody deserves to feel rejected.

Some things are difficult to explain. This has got to hurt awfully. 

He doesn’t realize how lucky he is! 

Makes you wonder what exactly you did wrong.

Hurtful words stay with you for a long time.

Being a father is never a mistake. It is a privilege.

It hurts when the people who mean the most to you do not appreciate you.