Amusing Cross Stitches That Fit Perfectly Into The 21st Century

When people think of cross stitch, there are quite a few stereotypical things that spring to mind for most people. Firstly, you might think of cross stitch as something that your grandma would have displayed in her home. Secondly, you might think of your grandma once again, but this time she’s actually doing the cross stitching herself. We could go on, but the fact is many people associate cross stitch as something floral and pretty that old people get involved with. Well, here we have some amusing cross stitches that fit perfectly into the 21st century. Your pre existing thoughts are about to change forever!

Amusing Cross Stitching

Take a look, haters… 

Yeah, this sounds pretty spot on! 

Well, this changes everything! Now we can all feel a little less shame, hooray! 

This would be perfect for an Irish household! 

And, there ain’t nothing more gangster than rainbows and hearts! 

We like this one a lot. Simple, to the point and pretty. 

We all need a little Kanye treatment every now and again. 

Wow! The flowers on this one are just stunning! What awesome talent. 

This one really did make us laugh out loud. Cheeky! 

You know things are bad when you need a sign like this… 

Our brains read this in a posh voice… 

This is pretty neat! 

Perfect for those who like to state the obvious. 

The best thing to hang up in your guest room so that your visitors feel welcomed with extreme discomfort!