Fed Up Teachers Reveal Why They Hate Their Jobs

Teaching is something that many people have a passion for. For some, this is sparked at a young age. For others, they realize it later on in life. Either way, there’s something wonderfully fulfilling about educating people and spreading knowledge! However, being an educator is not always easy, or enjoyable, for many different reasons. Here we have a list of images where fed up teachers reveal why they hate their jobs. Take a look!
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Fed Up Teachers Reveal Why They Hate Their Jobs

Hopefully this person managed to work on their anxiety which resulted in them hating their job less. 

We really feel for teachers who constantly have pushy parents on their backs. 

Some teachers have noticed a definite pattern… 

Sometimes you don’t realize the mountain of extra work you have to do on top of the actual teaching itself!

Life is too short to stick at something you hate. 

Not all kids are lovely and innocent! 

It might feel like there is no way out but often there is if we just push ourselves out of our comfort zones. 

For many teachers, there’s more than one issue.

A passion for learning does not always equate to a passion for teaching! 

Some people have the misconception that all teachers are buddies. 

Social media has definitely had an impact on the minds of kids today. 

Sometimes you love the main essence of a job, but too many factors make it unbearable. 

If you can recognize what makes you unhappy, you’ve made the first step in being able to turn things around. 

To put it bluntly!