Hilarious People That Took Trolling To The Next Level

Most people love a good prank, as long as they aren’t on the receiving end of it! It seems that there are some people out there who were born to troll. They have a special kind of talent when it comes to wreaking comical havoc. Here we have a list of hilarious people that took trolling to the next level. There’s some very impressive stuff included, and we salute the masterminds behind each photo. Take a look and see what you think! 

Hilarious People That Took Trolling To The Next Level

Some heads are going to be rolling at this! 

People That Took Trolling To The Next Level lesbian couple


Whilst we think this fully functioning half-boat is super impressive, anyone who sees it on the water could seriously panic that the vessel is sinking! 

This is pure genius. The neighbors must be utterly confused! 

When you text your parents to see if they’re okay because an escaped murderer is loose in their area and they send you this… win! 

The best birthday gift for someone you hate. 

Oh Garrett, you walked right into that one. 

This is pretty mind blowing stuff…

The developer behind this game thought of everything! 

You can tell that the culprit behind this would have had an evil grin upon completion! 

The Queen Of England would be much impressed, we imagine! 

If only we could have seen the looks on Jerry And Robby’s faces. 

This person left a treat under their porch so the next people who replace it will get a nasty surprise! 

How to peacefully troll protesters. We love this! 

This guy knows how to get a reaction out of people!