14 Adorable Matchbox Greeting Cards That Would Make Unique Gifts – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on adorable matchbox greeting cards that would make unique gifts! We would have serious trouble choosing even 5 of these matchbox cards as there is just so much awesomeness to select from! We would love to see a few of the reactions of recipients of these matchbox greetings as we reckon people would be over the moon with them. It’s nice to have a cool and unique option for sending meaningful messages that won’t break the bank. Take a look below for even more designs!
Website: Etsy

Always remind yourself of these facts!

Perfect for graduation!

Why do always ignore direct instructions?!

Give your mom a little reminder that you appreciate her every now and again.

We love this suitcase design!

So many of these ideas are simple yet fantastic!

There is much truth in this statement.

Say happy holidays in a different way this year!

This is a huge deal. 

A good one for kids!

Great for gamers!

Wouldn’t it be nice… to receive something… like this?

Aww, how sweet!

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.