Bakers Spend 6 Months Creating Giant Chocolate Geodes And Finally Crack Them Open

There’s something about geodes that are so beautiful and fascinating. Due to their mystical beauty, geodes have been the inspiration of many artists and chefs alike. There’s the geode-inspired furniture and the geode-themed cakes that are both feasts for the eyes. As far as culinary art is concerned, cake is not the only food that is taking a dive into the geode trend. Two students of the Culinary Institute of America students created giant chocolate geodes that will surely put ordinary confectioneries to shame.

giant chocolate geodes cracked open

Alex Yeatts and Abby Lee Wilcox made sure that their final project will become a sure hit. Despite the uncertainty of the outcome, the two culinary students decided to go for the unthinkable by creating giant chocolate geodes. So, what are these innovative treats made of? These massive candies take the form of giant chocolate eggs. Each chocolate egg is filled with large sugar crystals that strikingly resemble actual amethyst geodes. How did they do it?

yeatts wilcox create giant chocolate geodes

First, they poured massive amounts of molten chocolate into egg-shaped molds to create the shell. For the filling, they used concentrated sugar syrup in orange and purple colors. However, the sugar syrup would require a lot of time to crystallize. Furthermore, they need to turn and rotate the eggs carefully on a regular basis so as to distribute the sugar crystals on every corner inside the shell. Alex and Abby were able to make 12 giant chocolate geodes of varying sizes – the largest of which was over 50 pounds.

yeatts making giant chocolate geodes

Six months later, they finally cracked open the giant chocolate geodes, with the actual video footage posted on Instagram. As expected, the post went viral as everyone was excited to see the outcome. As people watched both student cracked open the chocolate eggs, everyone felt the excitement of opening an Easter egg. And what awaits inside the egg is a spellbinding surprise. Spectacular indeed, the colored sugar syrup has perfectly crystallized to form dazzling geode-looking rock sugar.

Take a look at the videos below showing Yeatts and Wilcox cracking open the giant chocolate geodes


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We’re not sure how much calories you can intake just by staring at these sugary treats. But we can’t deny just how much enchanting they are. Prepare for eye-diabetes, everyone!

giant chocolate geodes orange sugar crystals


giant chocolate geodes purple sugar crystals


giant chocolate geodes cracked open after six months


giant chocolate geodes interior

Source: Alex Yeatts | Abby Wilcox