These People Confess What It’s Really Like Being In Your 30s

If you’re like most people, being in your 30s is a time for self-reflection, confidence and major changes. What was once important sounds silly now (e.g. partying all night) or you find happiness doing the things you dreaded before (e.g. grocery shopping).

We’ve collected a bunch of tweets from people who have entered the big “3-0” telling the world what it’s like to hit this stage in their lives, and boy are they spot on!

Scroll down and let us know in the comments which one you relate to the most.


Oh gosh, what have I done?

You’re so glad you didn’t marry them.

Dating in your 20’s vs. Dating in your 30’s:

Well played, dad.

Peer pressure.

Major adulting.

On point.

The clock is ticking.

Pretty much a reality.

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Who can relate?

No wonder you’ve maxed out your credit card.


And falling asleep 20 minutes into the movie.

At least you’re helping out Mother Nature.

Maybe your soulmate is your cat.

This is sooo true!

Sadly, you can’t have both.

We know how you feel.

Wait until you’re in your 40s.