Act II Is Coming Out With Cotton Candy Flavored Popcorn Soon And When It Pops It Turns Blue

Something exciting will be popping into our movie marathon nights this year! Popcorn, is undoubtedly, a staple in everyone’s snack stash. But with the multitude of other snack options we’ve got nowadays, it’s easy to forget about the good ol’ puffs of corn. So, everyone’s favorite popcorn brand, Act II has decided to step up their game and prove that popcorn is anything but boring with the Act II Cotton Candy popcorn!

Banking on the concept of fun, Act II took inspiration from one of the places where the most fun happens: the carnival. The new popcorn even reportedly tastes like cotton candy, a known carnival staple. Cotton candy flavored popcorn isn’t exactly new. But have you ever popped color-changing popcorn? No? Well, you’re in luck!


The Act II Cotton Candy popcorn pops to a surprisingly fun hue

Staying true to their carnival theme, the new popcorn kernels pop to be blue. In addition to the fun and tasty popcorn, Act II has even thrown in some cool ‘llamacorn’ tattoos for you and your friends to enjoy as a lasting memento of your movie night. Each box contains 5 bags of the color-popping kernels. I mean, how could you possibly miss this super fun popcorn box? It’s got the coolest llama I’ve ever seen!


This sweet movie-time snack was officially announced by Conagra Brands at the Consumer Analyst Group New York conference (CAGNY 2020) held in Boca Raton. Naturally, Instagram snack hunters like @junkfoodmom, @dadbodsnacks, and @snackgator were quick to share the announcement with their followers.

The hype is real! We can’t wait to munch on this tasty cotton candy-flavored snack while watching an exciting flick! However, we’ll need to wait for it. Because the Act II Llama Party won’t be hitting shelves until September 2020! It’s going to be a long wait, but the best things are worth waiting for…