Itamar Gilboa Documented The Food He Ate Over 365 Days And Turned It Into Sculptures


Amsterdam-based Israeli artist Itamar Gilboa's latest project is to recreate in plaster every single thing he has eaten over the past 365 days! He documented each and every meal to get things spot on and worked out that he had eaten 117 bananas, 111 liters of red wine, 31 apples, 113 potatoes, 25 liters of milk, 22 pizzas, 37 burgers, 196 cookies, 307 cans of Coke and 19 apple cakes, among other things!


Every one of the more than 8,000 items in his Food Chain Project is for sale and the awesome thing is that he is giving 70% of his profits away to organizations that fight food issues so his art food will create real food. Amazing!
Website: FoodChainProject










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