Now You Can Take The ‘Purrfect’ Selfie With Your Cat Thanks To This Smartphone Attachment

We cherish every bonding moment we share with our lovely kitties. And to make these precious moments immortal, most of us would grab their phones to capture the moment. Of course, we won’t let the chance pass by without showing off our cute pets on social media. Simply get your adorable cat’s face next to yours and click. If only that’s as easy as it sounds. In reality, taking a selfie with your feline pet is like getting into a battle you’ll never win. Cats are actually not the biggest fans of camera, much more of saying ‘cheese’ in front of it. They’re likely to jump out of your embrace when you put a camera in front of them. Or worse, they will resort to violence and scratch your face mercilessly if you force it on them.

trouble with taking selfies with cats

But lo and behold, this cat selfie device might be our ultimate solution.

bubblegum stuff cat selfie device

Creative design company Bubblegum Stuff introduces the Cat Selfie, a phone accessory that offers an easier way to capture the best side of your cat. Simply position the device onto the top section of your smartphone. It has a hanging bell right in the center of a cat head-shaped outline. As you position the camera in front of them, the hanging bell will instantly capture their attention. Hence, they will look at your phone camera’s direction. And that will be your chance to snap away and take a purrfect selfie with your kitty.

bubblegum stuff cat selfie device hanging bell


cat selfie device bubblegum stuff

This cat selfie device has a hanging bell that will surely attract your cat’s attention

bubblegum stuff cat selfie device phone accessory

Get ready to flaunt your cute pet on Instagram with this phone accessory that will surely attract your cat’s attention. You can buy this cat selfie device here. With this practical device, taking selfies with your cats has never been easy. Outsmart your kitty and get them to look at the camera with this witty item.