Jakub Geltner Infects Cities With CCTV And Satellite Dishes


As Jakub Geltner traveled the world, he kept noticing how unplanned, chaotic instances of CCTV cameras and satellite dishes had interrupted the facades of buildings. When he got home, he decided to use this observation as a starting point for an art installation project, called "Nests". His "nests" are constructed of clusters of CCTV cameras or satellite dishes, placed in random, public places. Take a look!

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Nest 05 – Arhus Denmark, 2015.


Nest 03 – Czech Republic, 2012



Nest 01 – Vitava River waterfront Prague, 2011


Complex Nest – Futura Gallery, Prague, 2013 


Nest 04 – Sokolov, Czech Republic, 2012


Nest 02 – Church of the Holy Spirit, Libechov, Czech Republic, 2011

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