Most People Struggle To Find The Hidden Words In These Cartoon Images


If you're a fan of puzzles then this is the post for you! The below 10 images each have 6 words embedded in them for you to discover. Some you might find quite easy but others are likely to have you stumped for a while! A little tip is that the words hidden in each cartoon relate to the scenario that is being depicted. Take a look and let us know how long it took you in the comments section below! If you get stuck, the answers can be found at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!
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1. Snow, See, Tell, Cool, Man, Cut.
2. Frost, Sled, Snow, Boots, Mittens, Chill.
3. Wow, Iowa, Cow, Guitar, Laugh, Orange.
4. Music, Party, Hungry, Red, Cheese, Yummy.
5. Toboggan, Cold, Frost, Sled, Chill, Ice.
6. Mirror, Tiles, Couch, Straw, Cat, Cord.
7. Boy, Tree, Nice, Wave, Fish, Hot. 
8. Farm, Dig, Seed, Garden, Bloom, Vine.
9. Damp, Puddle, Clouds, Showers, Wet, Storm.
10. Book, Novel, Story, Page, Read, Words.