Amusing But Weird Dentist Stories That Will Make Your Next Visit Even Scarier

Going to the dentist is a fear that many people on this earth have. For some people, it’s the fear of being in pain, for others it’s the actual dentist themselves that freak them out. Either way, a phobia of the dentist is no joke. If you have found yourself relating to what we’ve said so far, you might not want to read the weird dentist stories we’ve collected below! However, we recommend continuing on as although many of these occurrences are on the strange and creepy side, they are also brilliantly amusing! Take a look and you’ll see what we mean! 

Amusing Yet Weird Dentist Stories

It’s actually quite sweet that he remembered! 

Husband humor at its finest… 

That is one clever and slightly evil dentist! 

A good joke can help soften the blow of bad news. 

We laughed hard at this one. Awkward! 

We’re not too sure how we would feel about this! 

We all have those moments where we just randomly reevaluate our lives, however, doing it in front of a patient probably isn’t the best time! 

How to put your patient on edge with one sentence… 

This is not what you want to hear! 

We have a feeling she did this purposefully… 

What a strange conversation! 

This could easily cause nightmares! 

We like this dentist’s style… 

Hopefully this was an attempt at a joke…

To be fair, ‘your highness’ is a nickname we wouldn’t mind having! There are definitely worse things you could be called!