12 Kids’ Drawings Turned Terrifyingly Realistic


In their drawings, kids have a certain amount of creative licence when it comes to making things look like they really do. So, you might have a fish with a human-looking smile or animals with no real head or necks, just faces on their bodies. And, when you look at those drawings, they’re pretty adorable, even if they’re not accurate! However, one unnamed dad decided to turn his six-year-old kid’s drawings into way-too-realistic versions of themselves and the results are actually horrifying. So, check out these twelve kids’ drawings turned terrifyingly realistic!



Ah, the majestic giraffe….


We guess this must be a swan, but… how?!


Could this be the car of the future?


This is one lion with nothing to be proud of.


Maybe Nemo should stay lost this time.


Imagine seeing this thing on safari!


At least it has all the necessary parts.


This isn’t someone you’d want to bump into down a dark alley.


What a… beautiful… butterfly.


We’re not sure what’s happened to this poor lamb.


And you thought rabbits were cute?


We’d all prefer not to get on this boat!

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