These Amazing Street Murals Only Appear When It Rains


This is street art like we've never seen it before, and we have seen a lot of awesome things! In a collaboration between 'Pantone' and a team of artists and designers, something really unique has been created on the streets of Seoul, South Korea. The team created these amazing murals that are only visible when it rains. Since there's monsoon season in Korea, they'll be visible to brighten up all those rainy days! The murals were painted using hydrochromic paint, which is invisible when dry, but shows up when wet. You'll notice that the designs are of rivers and aquatic creatures, which of course links in with the water element, but was primarily chosen as the theme because Korean culture emphasizes the importance of the flow of rivers. We'd love to see something like this on all streets! Take a look!
Website: School of the Art Institute of Chicago






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