13 Parents Explain The Bizarre Reasons Why Their Kids Are Crying – Part 2


If you wanted to make a list of the all different reasons why kids cry, it would probably end up being your life’s work. Child turn on the waterworks for all kinds of weird and wonderful reasons, such as having a broken cracker to not being able to reach something when they’re perfectly capable of getting up and fetching it themselves. Anyone who has already checked out part one of this post will have seen kids welling up for some pretty odd reasons, but there might even be some stranger ones this time. Here are another thirteen photos from parents explaining the bizarre reasons why their kids are crying!



He just wants to finish what he started!


We wonder why she can’t keep hold of it….


That dog does not give a single damn.


When you’re too big for the doggy door, things all go downhill from there.


Oh lor’!


Nobody is forcing you to have the banana, kid. Get a grip!


Because that’s such a reasonable request.


This one might go over to the dark side.


Just move a few inches, child.


The poor brother looks confused.


Some things just can’t be fixed.


We bet this kids will treasure this photo some day.


This has happened to the best of us!

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