Kelsey Transformed Her Family Home Into A Disney Fairytale And People Love It

The temporary closure of the “happiest place on Earth” due to the current pandemic has surely left many people sad. Nevertheless, luckily, for Kelsey Hermanson and her family, the magic still continues right in the comfort of their home. Apparently, the family are huge fans of Disney. So, they’ve decided to transform their house into a Disney fairytale. In fact, all the rooms are even based on different Disney films! Just how magical is that!

At a glance, the Hermanson’s house looks just like a cozier version of a Disney Hotel. So, from the doorstep, living room, kitchen, down to the bathrooms and bedrooms, every corner is just filled with Disney-themed decor. And so, how did the family manage to transform their home into a whimsical one that’s currently the envy of all Disney lovers out there?


According to Kelsey, she’s always loved all the magical details that the imagineers create at Disneyland. So, they’ve decided to recreate it in their home

Well, the mom of two who describes herself as a “Disney decorator” shared that she finds most of her decor from thrift stores. Nevertheless, she also buys official merchandise from the Disney Store. However, more often than not, she creates and designs them on her own with the help of her husband Eric. Kelsey also added that she sometimes turns to Etsy for things that she can’t make herself.


Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by an enchanting Tangled living room


Then, moving on to the dining room, prepare to feast with Beauty and the Beast


Meanwhile, the bathrooms have a theme based on The Little Mermaid and Aladdin


While she buys some of the decor, Kelsey revealed that she creates and designs most of them on her own


However, among all these Disney fairytale-themed rooms, Kelsey revealed that the Cinderella master bedroom is her favorite


“It’s the most recent space I have decorated, and it is one of the most magical rooms in our home. I found antique furniture and painted it all to look straight out of Cinderella.”


She even repurposed ornaments to create a “bubble wall” for the room


Also, another personal favorite piece of Kelsey’s in the house is this Rapunzel lanterns floor lamp which she found at Costco then hand-painted with fabric ink

According to Kelsey, she decorated their house for them to personally enjoy. So, being able to share it with many people has been an amazing experience.


“I love to inspire others with my designs, and I feel so honored to have the opportunity to showcase our home. I enjoy bringing a little bit of magic to my followers every day.”

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So, if you’re looking to create your own Disney fairytale house, then feel free to follow Kelsey on Instagram and TikTok for more inspiration!

Source: Kelsey Hermanson Instagram | TikTok | YouTube