Andres Amador Uses His Rake On The Beach. When You Zoom Out Your Mind Will Be Blown Away


Many artists will imagine their works living on for centuries, or even millennia, but Andres Amador knows that his art will only last for a matter of hours. You see, Andres creates his art in the sand at the beach, so pretty soon it will be washed away by the tide, the wind and people's feet. So, if you happen across one of Andres' amazing works, you should count yourself extremely lucky. If you've been to the beach, you've probably drawn in the sand, but Andres takes it to a whole other level… and then some! You really have to see his glorious sand drawings to believe them. Using just a rake and his imagination, Andres creates a whole host of gorgeous designs in the sand, everything from swirls to geometric patterns to mandalas. He has even helped a few people to pop the question by writing their proposals in the sand, along with one of his gorgeous designs. Let's take a look!

Website: Andres Amador