Daniel Struzyna Creates Beautiful Mermaid Tights With Colorful “Scales”

When we were kids, we often dream of becoming either a princess or a mermaid. Well, we can be a princess anytime we want. But becoming a mermaid is virtually next to impossible. Now, here’s the good news. Grown-up ladies can now make their childhood dream come true with these mermaid tights with realistic ‘scales’. German fashion artist Daniel Struzyna designed handmade tights that will make you look like a half-human half-mermaid creature. That is surely something worth having.

mermaid tights tinkercast

These translucent mermaid tights are made of light nylon fabric with a super lightweight feel. In order to replicate the appearance of a mermaid’s tail, the elastic fabric is layered with silicone scales. When worn, the nude garment perfectly blends in with the skin tone. And the scales appear to be an actual part of the legs. With these leggings, anyone can become an alluring mermaid in an instant. So, are you ready to become a mermaid?

You can find these mermaid tights on the artist’s Etsy shop Tinkercast. They are available in different colors and scale designs. Furthermore, you can also choose between light-colored or dark-colored garment tone. You can opt for the leggings with more fins if you intend to wear it as a cosplay costume. Or you can wear the ones with fewer scales to give surprising embellishments to your casual outfit.

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mermaid tights realistic scales

Silicone scales are layered on top of the sheer fabric

silicone scales mermaid tights


daniel struzyna mermaid tights


tinkercast mermaid tights


dark-toned mermaid tights


dark-colored mermaid tights


mermaid tights realistic fins

Source: Etsy | Facebook