13 Things You’ll Understand If You And Your BFF Hate Feelings


There's a lot of people on this planet who actually like talking about their feelings and saying what they mean. But, that's not for everyone. There are those of us out there who would rather keep our feelings firmly bottled up inside until, once in a while, they burst out in a raging torrent. If you like to play your cards close to your chest in, it can be difficult to really bond with anyone who's too sensitive. That's why finding a friend who also likes to hide their feelings is like hitting the jackpot! Here are thirteen things you'll understand if you and your best friend hate feelings, take a look!


If one of your friends does something too sweet for you, you have to tell them to stop!

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Although you clearly love each other, you very rarely say it with words.

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You get each other in trouble, or serious situations, because you always end up making each other laugh at inappropriate times.

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You express your feelings through insults, rather than compliments!

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If one of you tries to hug the other, it goes something like this…

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You both understand the true purpose of GIFs.



When you see anyone getting too mushy in public, you can't keep it to yourself!

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Although you don't talk about your feelings, you understand what to do when your friend isn't having a good day!

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This is your idea of a soppy birthday shout-out.



On the very rare occasion that your BFF cries in front of you, your comforting skills are not up to much!

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When you do say something nice about your best friend, it comes out kind of awkward and weird.

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Your text conversations often look something like this…



You know that you're different, but that's okay, because you have each other!

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