Women Confess Why They Hate Being Married

Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment between two people. Reality would tell us however, that life is not always a bed of roses after all. We all know that marriages fail for many reasons. Truth is, there are some things about marriage you probably will never realize until you’ve been there. Here we have some images where women confess why they hate being married. Take a look!
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Sometimes, marriage means to compromise. Being an introvert may already be a part of your personality, but one must also learn to adjust.

Decisions, so many decisions! 

Perhaps, instances like these would be the best time to think that things really happen for a reason. Maybe you were meant to be in that moment of your life.

This feeling is not meant to fade. As a couple, maybe you just have to keep that fire burning inside. No matter what age you are, the feeling of being in love should still be there. But, both of you must work for it, of course.

May this be a lesson to all of us not to jump into marriage straight away just because you are in love. Sometimes, looks can really be deceiving to a point that we all get blinded for too long.

Leave him then! 

Kids do not have to mean staying in a unhappy marriage. 

You never know what tomorrow will bring. 

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In marriage, it’s safe to say that as a couple you are a team. The blame game doesn’t do any good so why spend time in blaming one another?

Fights are normal in a healthy marriage, within reason of course. 

It’s hard not having the courage to make certain decisions. 

Being frustrated to your marriage is tolerable, but I guess motherhood is a different ball game. 

We’re sorry that this is the situation you’re in. 

This isn’t the end of the world, surely?!

It shouldn’t be this way.