Weird And Hilarious Products That Were Found Online

When it comes to online shopping, you can pretty much buy anything your heart desires. These weird and hilarious products are proof enough that an idea, no matter how bizarre, can become a reality. There’s no limitation to what the human mind is capable of conjuring up.

15 hilarious products found online

I’m a bit worried about the sanitary issue here.

Food for the skin.

HoeTurnedHouseHusband / imgur

When you’re too lazy to clean the floor, let your dog do it for you.

Drinking coffee while taking a shower? Good luck with that.

There’s only one word to describe this… creepy!

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Need to be hands-free? Problem solved!

This toilet seat comes with a scale that tells you how much weight you’ve lost after doing your business.

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Would you rather wear this freakish sack than let other people see your sleeping face?

There’s something off about this…

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Wait, does it come with a waitress?

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I wonder how it feels to wear keyboards on your feet.


This pair of socks with a sandal print… Get your sandal socks here.

flashingn1ghts / imgur

Minions, minions everywhere!

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This is so weird and wrong! Thank goodness they aren’t real!

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Internet Explorer just got its own perfume. Firefox and Chrome are so jealous.

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