Wisteria Tree Tunnels In Japan Look Like Something From A Fairy Tale

Cherry blossom tree (sakura in Japan) is definitely the most ideal flower symbol of Japan. But this beautiful country actually has other enchanting flowers aside from its sakura trees. While cherry blossom has a distinctive beauty of its own, wisteria tree also has a charm that is equally as captivating. If you’re planning to visit Japan this spring, make sure to include Ashikaga Flower Park in your destination list. Located just north of Tokyo, the park features the largest wisteria tunnel garden in Japan.

Wisteria are pleasantly fragrant deciduous vines that are mostly found in Japan, China, and some eastern states of North America. These flowering plants can produce flowers of many different colors, making them the most beautiful trees in the world. Some of the most common colors are purple, white, pink, yellow, and blue. Wisteria vines can grow up to 10 feet each year and come in full bloom during spring season.

wisteria tunnel by norizansyahnan
Instagram | Norizan Syahnan

If you’re wondering how wisteria flowers look like in full bloom, you really need to go to Ashikaga Flower Park now. The park’s main attraction is its 262-feet tunnel where thousands of vibrant flowers envelop the tunnel frame. Walking through the spellbinding wisteria tunnel, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in a world of fairy-tales. The tunnel frame serves as trellises for over 350 wisteria trees which also include the famous 150-year-old wisteria tree. During blooming seasons, bewitching flowers of various colors start to dangle from the trellises to adorn the entire tunnel.

wisteria tunnel by puraten10
Instagram | puraten10

Thousands of visitors from all over the world come to visit Japan just to see these fascinating wisteria tunnel gardens. Japan also has other parks that feature the same attraction. Kawachi Wisteria Garden, Kameido Tenjin Shrine, and Tennogawa Park are also holding their own annual Wisteria Festivals. But if you can’t make it to Japan this spring, you can browse through these photos instead. Just imagine yourself walking through the mesmerizing wisteria tunnel and feel like a prince or a princess in a fairy-tale.

wisteria tunnel purple flowers
Flickr | inazakira


wisteria festival japan
Flickr | t.kunikuni

Wisteria flowers cloak the tunnel with lovely, vivid colors during blooming season

wisteria tunnel by mayumi_nanba26
Instagram | Mayumi Nanba