You Can Now Get Kaleidos Sparkly Unicorn Cookies That Are Filled With Cake Batter Creme

Unicorn-themed treats have yet again proven that they’re here to stay. After all, there’s nothing wrong with adding a magical twist to our favorite snacks and desserts, right? And Kroger’s in-house cookie brand, Kaleidos, is the latest one to join the growing trend with its Sparkly Unicorn Cookies. Well, we have to say, these munchies really do live up to their name!

Kaleidos features cookie sandwiches consisting of two wafers and a creme filling, pretty much like Oreos. In addition to a regular creme filling, they also offer a wide variety of unique flavors. These include Salted Caramel and Chocolate, Coconut Lime, Raspberry Creme with Popping Candy and Mint. We have to point out though that we haven’t seen anything as enchanting as the brand’s latest cookie variant.

Kroger Kaleidos Sparkly Unicorn Cookies

For starters, it features purple—almost mauvy—cookie sandwiches with blue edible sparkles on top. The filling in the middle appears to be light pink/peach in color with blue and red speckles. As per the packaging, the filling has a “magical confetti cake batter flavor” to it. We don’t know about you, but that alone is enough to convince us to grab a pack. Moreover, the packaging itself looks like it’s straight out of fantasyland, with the unicorn print, galactic background and all. So, it’s definitely a big yes for us!



Kroger Kaleidos Sparkly Unicorn Cookies Spotted by Hip2Save


Kroger Kaleidos Sparkly Unicorn Cookies on Shelves Spotted by Hip2Save

Each pack contains 12 pieces of these naturally flavored sandwich cookies and retails for just $1.69. Bloggers The Impulsive Buy and Hip2Save, as well as Instagram users @candyhunting and @snackstalker, have already spotted them in stores. So, it’s safe to say that these Sparkly Unicorn Cookies are not as difficult to locate as real unicorns.

Also, these unicorn-themed cookies appear to be on sale as the website originally listed it at $2.79. So, now’s the perfect time to snag a pack or two of these magical treats! Pro tip: these cookies will surely make a great match for Swiss Miss’ Unicorn Marshmallows Hot Cocoa Mix!

Source: Kroger