Creative Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Amazing In No Time

Modern life is so busy. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. This often means that when it comes to looking good, our appearances can be the first to suffer. If you can identify with this then don’t worry you’ve come to the right place! With a little know-how, you can shave tens of minutes from your daily beauty routine. Here we have for you a collection of some amazing beauty hacks to ensure you’re looking good from dawn till dusk. If you have any tried and tested beauty tips of your own, share them with us in the comments. 


If you find removing glitter nail varnish to be a struggle, just soak cotton pads in remover, apply them to your nails and then wrap your fingers in foil. Wait a few minutes before removing it and your nails will come out glitter-free!

beauty hacks nail foil

Keep smudges at bay by holding a business card, credit card or even a small piece of paper over your cheeks or eyelids when you’re applying mascara.

beauty hacks mascara

No time to do your nails before that big night out? Simply apply clear nail polish and dip your nails in glitter before they dry!

beauty hacks nail glitter

Applying ice to tired, swollen under-eye skin helps minimize inflammation.

beauty hacks ice cube

If you adore bold lip colors but can’t stop them from slipping off your face, lightly coat your lips with translucent powder before applying the shade of your choosing.

beauty hacks lipstick

When you’re in a hurry to get your nails to dry fast, dip them in ice water for a minute or so. This really works!

beauty hacks manicure

This is how to achieve the perfect cat eye.

beauty hacks eyeliner

Try placing your lip and eye pencils in the fridge for a while before you sharpen them. This stops them from ‘melting.’

beauty hacks lip pencil

Give flat, lifeless hair some oomph by tilting your head forward as you blow dry from the roots to the ends.

beauty hacks hair drying

If you use nail stickers for creating your French tips, make sure the edges of them extend beyond your nail edges.

beauty hacks french tips

Rinsing your eyes with cold water in the morning not only makes your skin look fresh, but it also helps remove swelling.

beauty hacks face washing

Apply olive oil to your cuticles before you put on your nail varnish. Not only is it moisturizing but it also makes it easy to remove excess polish from around your nails!

beauty hacks cuticle oil

If you’ve run out of makeup remover, try using coconut oil instead!

beauty hacks coconut oil

For smoother skin and improved circulation, try body brushing before you have a shower.

beauty hacks body brush