People Share The Reasons That They Stopped Trying To Get Pregnant

Making the decision to try for a baby can be a magical and exciting time. Unfortunately, people don’t always get the desired results. This can lead to huge strains on people’s relationships and their emotional states. Sometimes, the hard choice is made to stop trying. Here we have a list of people sharing the reasons that they stopped trying to get pregnant. Always remember to be kind to others, we never really know the struggles they are facing. Take a look…
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Adopting can be absolutely wonderful but it’s not always an easy road to go down. 

It sounds like this person made a sensible decision. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the tough situation results in a breakdown of the relationship. 

We’re so sorry you ran out of time. Hopefully you get another chance soon if that’s what you choose. 

We’re all human. Sometimes things get too much. 

We’re sorry to hear that you’re struggling so much but we commend you for not bringing a child into the world under your current circumstances. We hope that your situation changes and that you get everything you want eventually!

When your hope is crushed so many times, your ability to have it often decreases. 

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Well done for being so strong!

This doesn’t seem moral or fair. The choice to have a baby or not is yours to make but lying to your partner is wrong. 

It’s no one else’s business. 

Watching others have what you so desperately crave is awful. 

It’s easy to feel like the world’s against you in these situations. 

We have our fingers crossed for you! 

Pregnancy can be totally unpredictable!