Crazy And Interesting Inventions That Will Boggle Your Mind

Different things surround us everyday, and many of these things may inspire us or challenge us. Sometimes, there are those creations that are merely there to entertain us and then there are those that have a purpose. In a world full of problems, it’s nice to appreciate the quirky things in life. Here we have a few crazy and interesting inventions that will boggle your mind, in a good way! 

When you’re a carpenter by heart…

No need to worry about the weather…

When you can relate to birds on a personal level…

Hats off to this amazing creation.

When you just love wine!

This can be used for two different purposes. One being a giant wine glass and the other being a giant wine glass bottle cooler

When you just want to make friends fast…

Find it here: Social shower curtain

When you just can’t get enough of the poop emoji…

When ordinary switches just won’t do. 

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You have bananas in your ears.


These banana earphones are a little more discrete.

When you are running late to the doctor’s appointment…

If you like this, then you will probably like this bike stroller even more!

Life hack.

 A true artist.

Find it here: Cartoon Backpack

Plumping up your lips without going under the knife.

When you’re single but hate sleeping alone:

How to regrow your hair instantly:

When you are all about dinosaurs: