This Dinosaur Shaped Hot Dog/Snack Holder Is Dubbed The ‘Weeniesaurus’

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week concluded just recently. So now it’s safe to assume that the shark craze will dwindle down anytime soon. But shark lovers should not sulk over this. We’re sure next year’s Shark Week will be as jaw-some as this year’s event, if not better. While we’re at it, why not obsess ourselves with an equally ferocious creature? Let’s say for example, dinosaurs! But this time, we would like to steer away from the predator types. Well, considering that we have had our fill of sea predators for an entire week. For a change of pace, we will be featuring an awesome product inspired by the gentle giant of Jurassic era – the Brontosaurus. This hotdog holder called Weeniesaurus is shaped after the herbivorous dinosaur. But more importantly, it can reliably hold your hotdog or other snacks, just in case you needed an extra hand.

weeniesaurus hotdog snack holder

The Weeniesaurus Snack Holder features a curved serving tray right on its back. You can put your hotdogs, burritos, candies, cookies, sushi, or submarine sandwiches on its back and let the friendly dinosaur hold it for you. This dinosaur snack holder might also do the trick to encourage picky eaters to eat their meals. For sure, no kids can ever resist food served by a Brontosaurus. Moreover, these whimsical snack holders can kick up any party. Whether it’s a children’s party or a BBQ party, the Weeniesaurus will surely add a bit of fun to usual dining.

weeniesaurus hotdog snack holder serving tray


weeniesaurus hotdog and snack holder


weeniesaurus hotdog snack holder curved back

weeniesaurus snack holder cookies


weeniesaurus hotdog snack holder box

These adorable food holders are made from 100% food-safe and BPA-free ABS plastic making them completely food safe. Additionally, they are top-rack dishwasher-safe but NOT microwave safe. If you ever need someone to hold your food, don’t worry because the Weeniesaurus got your back. Err, we mean you literally got the Weeniesaurus’ back. Get them today before they go extinct.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Weeniesaurus Snack Holder