13 Ways That ‘Harry Potter’ Has Ruined Your Life


The 'Harry Potter' series might be much-loved all over the world, but we know the truth. This is a series that will ruin your life. Yeah, sure, it's amazing, but that's the whole problem. When you compare your life and the real world, to the magical world in which the Harry Potter books and movies were set, it just doesn't quite match up! Here are 13 ways that Harry Potter has ruined your life! Take a look!


You'll spend your whole life waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive!


You'll never get the chance to shop on Diagon Alley!


And, have your wand choose you at Ollivander's.



You'll never get to step onto Platform 9 3/4 and ride the Hogwarts Express.


You'll never be able to try chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, fizzing whizzbees or pumpkin pasties from the food trolley.


You'll never sit on that little stool and be sorted by the Sorting Hat.


You'll never have the opportunity to attend a real Hogwarts feast in the Great Hall.


No matter how good your teachers are, they'll never be as great as Remus Lupin!


Nor will any of your lessons involve interacting with awesome creatures, like hippogriffs.


You'll never get to fly on a broomstick to uncover your talent for quidditch. 


It's highly unlikely that your end of year exams will be canceled due to a tragic event or emergency, which happens suspiciously often at Hogwarts!


You'll never spend a Christmas at Hogwarts, or get one of Mrs. Weasley's knitted jumpers!


You'll never visit The Burrow.

Basically, you'll just have an ordinary muggle life. Sigh.


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