Duncan Hines Has Released New Cake And Frosting Flavored Layered Puddings

Duncan Hines has leapt from the baking essentials section to the refrigerated aisle! After years of making our birthdays and other special events as sweet as can be with their easy-bake mixes, the time-tested brand now has a trio of layered puddings to elevate your snacking moments! As if their tasty muffins and mug cakes weren’t enough, the brand now has ready-to-eat layered puddings to satisfy your sweet tooth’s cravings. These new layered pudding treats will certainly make a great addition to your little one’s lunchbox or to your own personal stash of emergency sugar pick-me-ups at home or in the office (considering you’ve got your own mini fridge, of course – because let’s get real: this sweet pudding cup just might make someone do something they shouldn’t!).

As we mentioned, there are three pudding flavors for you to choose from. The layered lineup consists of the Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting Pudding and the Frosted Sugar Cookie Pudding. But if you’re more partial towards decadent flavors, then the Salted Caramel Brownie Pudding is right up your alley. All these tasty treats feature two layers of pudding. One layer will taste like cake, and the other will have a pudding flavor. We’ve always said that pastries are perfect for any time of the day, and these new layered puddings sure make a strong case.




Get cake-and-frosting-flavored goodness with every spoonful of the new Duncan Hines layered pudding

According to the brand, the layered puddings have no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. Just pure cakey pudding goodness! In case you haven’t realized it yet, the pudding flavors are inspired from actual goodies you’d see at a bakery. Like sugar cookies and decadent brownies topped with luscious caramel. The puddings come in packs of four 3.75-ounce cups. Which should be enough to satisfy your indulgent craving. Each cup only packs 170 calories as well, so you can snack at ease.

duncan hines frosted sugar cookie pudding
Duncan Hines


duncan hines salted caramel brownie pudding
Duncan Hines


“These individual pudding snacks are great as an after-dinner dessert, a lunch box treat, or an anytime snack.”


duncan hines yellow cake with chocolate frosting pudding
Duncan Hines

Instagrammer @foodiewiththebeasts has spotted the layered pudding at their local Redner’s Markets in Pennsylvania. So we’re hoping that we’ll be seeing these indulgent treats in our local supermarket’s refrigerated aisle soon. If you’re itching to snag these treats, then you can go to their website to see which retailers already have them in stock! Something tells us that these layered puddings will be the most indulgent spoonfuls we’ll ever have!