USB Heated Mittens Exist So Your Hands Don’t Have To Suffer Through The Winter

You know winter is fast approaching when all you see on the market are winter coats and mittens. We have something to show you that will keep you warm this winter. Here we have heated mittens. With these you’ll never feel the cold on your hands again. You can expect us to feature more stuff to help keep you cozy to!

We’ve previously featured the giant fur mittens that will surely keep your hands feeling toasty all winter long. However, the oversized mittens may not be suitable for people on the go as they can restrict the hands. So, the wearer is unable to use a laptop, write, work, or even grab a drink. If you want to liberate your hands while keeping it warm, these mittens would be the better alternative.

mittens lightweight


heated mittens usb powered



How Do The Heated Mittens Work?

Each heated glove has a built-in heating pad on the back. To heat it up, simply plug it onto any standard USB port. Just connect it to your power bank, car charger, PC, or other 5V power sources. These mittens can warm up to 104 degrees F which is high enough to keep your hands toasty. Don’t worry thought, these are not hot enough to burn your hands.

heated mittens half finger design

It features a half-finger design so you can continue with the usual things such as typing, writing, gaming, and more. You can also plug them into your laptop while wearing them to keep your hands cozy as you work. These mittens are knitted from high quality acrylic fibers and spandex which feels soft and light. Additionally, the material offers flexibility to ensure that your hands and fingers are free to move.

heating gloves half finger design

These flexible mittens measure 6.3 inches with a wrist band measuring 2.95 inches. Make sure to remove the heating pad before washing. The pair of gloves also come with a USB charging cable which measures 4.92 feet long. It is available in four different colors – blue, black, grey, and yellow. Get these heated mittens here and warm your hands even in the coldest days. One happy customer wrote:

“I love these as I often get really cold hands and these toast my fingers nicely. Especially helpful when I need to use my fingers to sew. I can wear these and sew as they have fingers.”

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usb powered gloves yellow


usb powered gloves yellow

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