Feel Like A Superhero With These Wearable Sleeping Bags


Are you tired of humdrum sleeping bags getting you down? Do you wish you could spend more time dressed as a superhero, but find yourself getting chilly? Well, then you'll love these awesome Marvel superhero sleeping bags. They come in adult sizes, so nobody's too old to sleep superhero-style. They've been designed by Selk'bag and are available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions.




One of the coolest things about these sleeping bags (apart from the obvious) is that they're not just for show, they're also super practical. Selk'bag are experts in making wearable sleeping bags, so they know just what they're doing. These bags have reinforced removable booties so you can opt to wear the booties or your own shoes. There's an insulated hood, dual front entry zippers and a 45 degree temperature rating, so cold weather won't have to stop you from fighting the good fight. 

These Marvel superhero sleeping bags also come in four sizes, to fit wearers from 4'6" to 6'4", so the majority of adults and older children can enjoy them.

They'd make amazing festival attire and will ensure your next camping trip is that much more fun. They're also perfect for lounging around the house in, and would be awesome to wear when taking on supervillains. Although, maybe you should leave that last one to the professionals. 

There are four designs to pick from, and you might have a hard time choosing. 


You can fight crime, retro-style, as Captain America.


Find it here: Captain America Wearable Sleeping Bag


Be mean and green as the Incredible Hulk.


Find it here: Incredible Hulk Wearable Sleeping Bag



Put on the suit or iron, or polyester at least, as Iron Man.


Find it here: Iron Man Wearable Sleeping Bag


Or get in touch with your spidey sense as Spiderman.


Find it here: Spider Man Wearable Sleeping Bag


We dare any of you to say that you're not even a little bit interested in owning one. 

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