Rumor Has It, Twix Minis Cookies And Creme Flavor Are Making A Return This Year

There would probably be two or three people who would argue, but Twix is really a perfect candy! Of course, you can always improve upon what’s already excellent — you call that progress. So, if we’d see Cookies and Cream Twix Minis — that’s absolutely a fantastic improvement! And the good news? They’re returning holiday 2019!

The first unveiling of the Cookies and Cream Twix Minis occurred through @junkfoodleaks, an Instagram account. They shared a photo plus a rave review, calling the bag “dangerous!” Why? Well, the minis were so good that the eaters almost ate all of the bag’s contents in just one sitting! And, that’s just exciting to hear!

Cookies and Cream Twix Minis are returning holiday 2019, and it could be the most exciting candy news, ever.

Cookies and Cream Twix Minis returning holiday 2019

Now, junkfoodleaks revealed that these Twix Minis would be available as early as December. We’re just not sure where to buy, and if they have some full-size or even king-size version.

Twix fans are excited about the comeback.


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? C O O K I E S ? You vote, we reveal! If you were around in the 1980’s, you remember a brief time where Cookies N Creme Twix bars were available on shelves. If you weren’t, well, we’re very sorry. However it’s 2019, and soon, everyone gets to be a winner ? Coming soon (as early as December) are Twix and Twix mini’s in a classic Cookies N Creme flavor! When I tell you that these things are as light as a feather, I mean it. These are certified DANGEROUS; They’re crunchy, light, packed with flavor, and have just the right amount of chocolatey-cookie flavor. They’re probably one of the most balanced flavors of Twix ever, as you enjoy everything the classic Twix has to offer, in addition to a whole different flavor profile within. Be warned, you may eat the whole bag in one sitting without realizing ? I’m going to have to give these bad boys a solid ?8.0?. If you’re a twix lover, this is where id expect your score to be; If you haven’t been on the Twix train, 1) sorry for your tastebuds, and 2) this may be the one that converts you over, if only for this specific flavor. If these were on shelves today, are you grabbin’ them? #junkfood #cookiesncreme #twix

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In any case, it appears that whoever crafted this version of the snack was somebody from the future. But of course, the idea is not that new anymore. There’s already a cream-flavored Twix back in 1990, and that received so much love from fans they asked for its return! Well, that wish will be granted very soon.

Needless to say, the 90s Twix ignites some nostalgia.


We’re hoping this trend would go on! Imagine if we can just reboot those old tastes, just like we do with old movies and shows!