Now You Can Pack Your Muffins Into A Tight Pair Of Jeans To Show Off The Muffin Top In All Its Glory

Seeing your own muffin top when wearing tight pants or skirts can be really upsetting. But here’s a muffin top that you’ll surely love to have. No, we’re not talking about that body fat bulging out above the waistline. We’re literally talking about muffins that look like bulbous muffin tops. With these muffin top jeans baking cups, you can bake and eat delicious muffins in a more fun way.

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These muffin top jeans baking cups are the most exciting alternatives to your regular shaped silicone cups. Replace your boring muffin molds with these super fun denim-style baking cups. Simply fill the cup with your favorite cake or muffin batter. Fill it up high enough so the muffin would puff up over the side in order to achieve the muffin top semblance. Serving these funny-looking muffins will certainly delight your kids and your guests. You can also give this as a gag gift for your friends who love to bake goodies.

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muffin top jeans baking cups


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muffin top jeans baking molds

These muffin top jeans baking cups are available as a set here. Each cup is made of silicone and is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. The set of 4 cups comes in a colorful gift box with baking tips included inside. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I love these! I have never liked using the regular paper muffin holders, so this was a great alternative. They are super cute once prepared. Kids also think they are fun to eat out of, so it helps them eat more than the plain paper ones.”

Eat as much muffin as you want with these fun muffin top jeans baking cups. Who cares about having a muffin top on your belly, anyway? Get these muffin molds here and turn your usual pastries into more amusing treats.