Badass Trees That Refused To Die No Matter What

We all know that mother nature is an incredible thing. Trees have been around for many millions of years. They have survived all sorts of weather conditions and world events. Therefore, it’s no surprise when you see an impressive tree that has battled against the odds to survive. However, these sorts of sights are pretty incredible to behold! Here we have a selection of trees that refused to die no matter what.

‘You can try and chop me down but I’ll find a way to live on!’

This palm tree fell down and then decided to curve back up!

This tree started growing out of a dead stump and then the stump rotted away…

This little tree will be perfect for ants to chill out around!

This tree kept its leaves because it had a light shining on it!

This is the only tree that survived the tsunami in Japan. Today it is protected and restored!

We love the eyes! Nothing is going to stop this tree from existing.

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This tree fell over and then grew four more out of itself!

This building clearly needed a touch of nature…

This clever tree has grown in a place it will have protection.

A grandpa left his ice skates hanging on a tree when he was young. He forgot about them and found them years later like this!

The Tree Of Life can be found at Olympic National Park, Washington.

How incredible are these roots?!

This tree refuses to accept that winter has come! We can relate.