Talented Self-Taught Baker Creates Stunning Transparent Cake That Looks Like A Koi Pond

Having a tranquil koi pond in the backyard is a wonderful way of relieving stress and reconnecting with one’s inner spirit. This feeling of tranquility inspired Canadian baker Grace to create a transparent cake in the form of a koi pond. The artistic baker, who goes by the Instagram name @petichoro, has been creating various baked goods and dishes that also double as works of art. So, her culinary creations don’t only satisfy the taste buds but they also please the eyes.

Grace showcases her appetizing creations on her Instagram page. And we’ve got to warn you now, you won’t stop salivating upon seeing her culinary masterpieces. All of her creations were unique. But one marvelous cake definitely takes the cake. It was a cake that look like a mini koi pond. Amazingly, the stunning pastry comes complete with koi carps, floating lilies, cattail stems and pond water to imitate an actual koi pond.


This self-taught baker creates a marvelous transparent cake that looks like a koi pond


Everything on the cake is edible. Grace revealed that the pond water is made from agar almond jelly. The bottom layers are made with blueberry mousse, white chocolate mousse and black sesame chiffon cake. The colorful koi fishes and lilies are made with sweet bean paste mochi and the cattail are actually little pieces of edible dry bamboo. She placed the koi fishes at different depths to make it look like they’re swimming around the water.


“I love the look of regular jelly cakes, and it almost looks like suspended pools of water! So I was inspired to use the jelly cake method to imitate a pond. And I thought koi fish would fit in perfectly with that theme.”, Grace said.

koi pond transparent cake

Grace also revealed that it took her two days to finish the awesome cake. It took her that long because it took a while for the mousse layers and the jelly to set. Furthermore, the placement of the koi fishes and the lilies also took a while to finish. By looking at her creations, you may quickly assume that she’s a professional chef or baker. But Grace is a self-taught baker who just recently learned how to bake and cook by watching food network shows and YouTube tutorials.

grace petichoro koi pond transparent cake

Her Instagram page has only been created three months ago but it already has more than 17K avid followers. And from the looks of it, the number of followers is going to skyrocket as the self-taught baker plans on sharing tutorials on her page as well. Aside from her impressive pond cake, Grace also has other culinary masterpieces that are equally stunning. So, follow her on Instagram to see her latest creations.