How People Are Feeling About Living With An Attachment Disorder

Some people don’t know it, but attachment disorders exist, and people are suffering from them everyday. Making friends & having relationships can be a roller coaster. Attachment disorders can make a person feel overly attached or feel nothing at all. They are misjudged sometimes to be insensitive… but they can’t help it. Here we have some images showing how people are feeling living with an attachment disorder. Take a look… 

It’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself! 

It has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It can affect how you deal with people, especially with your relationships.

Having a willingness to try is what’s important! Well done you. 

Changes how you come to understand your life.

People have no idea what you are going through unless they actually feel it for themselves.

Don’t apologize for being yourself. You sound great! 

People that abuse children deserve to rot in hell. 

The system is totally flawed. 

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When you just have no control over what you feel…

It’s hard going through hardships that aren’t normally hard for some.

Trying hard not to mess things up when having a disorder like this.

Attachment disorder makes it easy to move on.

I wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to be in her shoes.

Everyone needs space, but not all can understand this without getting hurt. 

When the universe is just going against the things you want in life…

That would be hard for the people you’ve grown close to then left without warning.

Traumatic experiences can take a toll on you and your relationships sometimes.

At least you have closure with this explanation. We wish you a happy life.