These Students Reveal How Rumor Destroyed Their Life

It is rational to believe that victims of negative rumors would feel agitated and distressed in a situation where this form of bullying takes place. According to study, students are more likely to experience various types of bullying which includes spreading rumors and lies. Rumors can ruin a person’s self-confidence and depress self-esteem.  Most of the times, victims withdraw from school activities because they feel rejected by their peers. It is therefore miserable to go to school where other people are making hurtful stories about you. Some victims find the courage to defend themselves against the lies while other victims opt to ignore the nasty rumor. These students tell their own stories of how rumor destroyed their lives.



Teachers are supposed to educate students about the harm of spreading rumors.

Real friends put their faith in you. Fake ones do not.

Once they realize hating isn’t working, they start telling lies.

Rumors are spread by malicious people to ruin your image to others.

A rumor goes in one ear, then out of many mouths.

Rumors are carried by haters and spread by fools.

Never try to destroy someone’s life with a lie.

Words scar, rumors destroy.

A single lie has the power to destroy a whole reputation of integrity.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad lie to lose it.

Fake friends are those who pretend to love you but they are in to destroy your legacies behind their back.

How would you tackle a situation of rumor that involves you?


Rumors are mostly the projection of the individual who started them.

Sometimes good intention leads to bad results.

Rumor is often fathered and mothered by false reports.

It’s always the one with dirty hands pointing the fingers.

Those who spread rumors announce their desperate need to get a life.

Conquer with truth to confront the lies.

Rumors either come from someone who can’t have you or someone who can’t be like you.