You Can Now Make Your Own Twinkies At Home With This Sweet Twinkies Maker

Impress your kids by making your own homemade cakes with this Twinkies Maker. The recipe for the world-famous golden sponge cake with a creamy filling is not a secret anymore. If you’re determined enough, you can find Twinkies recipes from the internet that are nearly as good as the original. But if you really want to bake your own homemade Twinkies that look and taste exactly as the ones sold in stores then you need this little tiny oven.

This oven allows anyone to create authentic Twinkies at home. No one would even know the difference between your homemade Twinkies and the store-bought ones. The maker comes with a recipe book that includes authentic recipes. You can now recreate popular Twinkies flavors such as classic, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla creme and marshmallow fluff. Additionally, it includes a pastry bag with four different nozzles so you can decorate your sponge cakes with any design you want.

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How Does The Twinkies Maker Work?

This maker has a nice design in a sleek blue color. It allows you to bake up to 6 Twinkies in minutes. Plus, its non-stick plates help release Twinkies instantly and clean-up is a breeze. Simply follow the recipe book to make the batter. Once you’ve made the batter, plug in the little oven and fill each mold. Close the lid and let it cook for 4 to 7 minutes. Then carefully remove each Twinkie from the mold. Using the pastry bag, inject your preferred filling into each cake.

As for the filling, you can opt for the classic banana crème or other flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, blue raspberry and many more. Get the little oven here and enjoy fresh Twinkies whenever you feel like it. One happy customer wrote:

“I bought this for my teacher for a project we were doing in class. And we tested it out and it worked great! It’s a great kit that provides everything you see in the picture as well as instructions on how to make Twinkie. Only suggestion I’d have for this is to spray the Twinkie Maker with cooking [oil] so the Twinkies don’t stick to it.”


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