This “Cloud” Lamp Creates A Dramatic Thunderstorm In Your Living Room


If you love the drama of a thunderstorm but aren’t as into getting rained on, then this amazing thundercloud lamp could be just what you’re looking for! “The Cloud” as it’s simply called has been created by the Richard Clarkson Studio and is simply awesome! The lamp is completely interactive. Its built in motion detectors create an amazing sound and light show just based on your movements! It can also be synched through Bluetooth so you can listen to a dramatic a soundtrack whilst you marvel at your own personal thunderstorm! Created using felted hypoallergenic fiberfill which works as a casing for the internal speakers, the lamp works by remote control. Oh and the coding for the lamp is publicly accessible if you fancy taking a look or even improving on it! You need to see the amazing video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Website: RichardClarksonStudio