Taco Bell Have Released Their Summer Collection Products

In less than a month, summer season will officially start. But before you rush to the beach, do you already have everything you need for the summer? As early as now, we need to make sure that we have all the beach essentials. This may not be a problem since several brands are offering their own lines of summer products. And if you still haven’t found the coolest summer essentials, you may want to check out the 2019 Taco Bell Summer Collection. The American fast food chain releases its new line of summer-themed items and they’re selling like hot cakes. From swimwear and beach towels to pool floats and coolers, Taco Bell got you covered this summer season.

taco bell summer collection 2019

Pool float is definitely a must-have item for summer. Inflatable floats come in a variety of forms, colors, and sizes. But if you’re a huge fan of Taco Bell, this hot sauce packet pool float is the most ideal choice for you.

hot sauce packet pool float taco bell summer collection

You can pair the hot sauce packet pool float with this sauce packet beach towel. Taco Bell beach towel is available in 3 designs – mild sauce, fire sauce, and packet collection.

Sauce Packet Collection Velour Beach Towel

sauce packet collection beach towel

Mild Sauce Packet Velour Beach Towel


mild sauce packet beach towel

Fire Sauce Packet Velour Beach Towel

fire sauce packet beach towel

Flaunt your hot bod with this sauce packet bikini or sauce packet swim trunks.

sauce packet bikini taco bell


sauce packet swim trunks taco bell

When it’s time to cool down, you can use this Pop Art cooler, beach umbrella, acrylic tumbler, or waterbottle.

Pop Art Cooler

taco bell pop art cooler

Pop Art Beach Umbrella

taco bell beach umbrella

16oz Taco Bell Logo Patch Acrylic Tumbler

taco bell red tumbler summer collection

16oz Taco Bell Live Mas Patch Acrylic Tumbler

taco bell acrylic tumbler summer

22oz Taco Bell Waterbottle

taco bell summer waterbottle

Aside from the swimwear, the new Taco Bell Summer Collection also includes hats, t-shirts, tanks, and bags.

Taco Bell 3D Logo Hat

taco bell summer collection hat


Taco Bell Restaurant Shirt

taco bell summer t-shirt

‘Wish You Were Here’ Shirt

taco bell white t-shirt

‘Keep it Saucy’ Tank

taco bell red tank summer collection

Taco Bell 3D Logo Tank

taco bell summer tank

Taco Bell Clear Vinyl Tote Bag

taco bell summer tote bag

Taco Bell Sauce Packet Duffel Bag

sauce packet duffel bag taco bell

Get your Taco Bell summer-themed items on their store now before they run out. Remember, it’s better to be early than late.

Source: Taco Bell

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