Outrageously Expensive Items With Price Tags That Will Leave You Shocked

The saying goes that some people have more money than sense. Whilst this may be true, if you’re someone who can afford anything and everything, you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid at paying $120 for gold sugar cubes. However, for those who are used to having a smaller available bank balance, knowing the strange things people are willing to spend their money of can be quite shocking. Here we have some outrageously expensive items that will leave you open mouthed! Take a look! 

Outrageously Expensive Items With Price Tags That Will Leave You Shocked

Potato chips, set of 5 for $56! Made with matsutake mushrooms, truffle seaweed, Swedish dill, India Pale Ale wort and onion.

Baby bottle inspired by Russian nesting dolls. Price tag of $136,000. 

These toothbrushes come in at $3,802. They come with replaceable bristles and a 5 year warranty. 

This stainless steel watch sold for $11,317,945! It is a Patek Phillippe and there are only 4 of them in the world. 

The world’s most expensive pacifier costs $35,658. 

This gold dominoes set with diamonds costs $153,000.

Fancy owning a bike covered completely with 24 karat gold? This could be possible for $393,00!

If normal sugar doesn’t do it for you, this set of edible gold sugar could be the answer. It costs $120 for 3 cubes.

Skateboard in style with a gold plated board that costs $15,000. 

If your ears deserve a luxurious gift, these gold headphones encrusted with diamonds would be perfect. Cost… $9,995.

For $63,000, you could be the proud new owner of this gilded hammock bathtub that fills up from a standing tap and empties through a floor drain. 

This egg shaped crib made of 24 karat gold costs a whopping $20,000,000. There is a more modest model available made out of 18 karat gold that sells for $220,000. 

If you want a phone that is decorated in diamonds, emeralds and rubies, this $360,000 device that is delivered by helicopter could be for you. 

This maze ball game in the form of a wristwatch has a labyrinth made of gold and a ball made of solid titanium. It costs $12,300.