Incredible Times People Have Restored Faith In Humanity In The World


With all the horror stories we hear on the news every day, it’s no wonder that some of us have lost faith in people. The world can be a frightening place at times, however there is still so much good which can certainly outweigh the bad. Take a look at these 14 people who haven’t forgotten how to care for others! They will totally make your day! Let us know of any good deeds you’ve been the recipient of, or have done for others in the comments!


This kind police officer.


Mark Wahlberg helping this elderly nun across the road.


The guy who let this elderly woman sit on him when their elevator got stuck!


This awesome track runner who stopped to help a rival cross the finish line.


This kind barber who gives free haircuts to homeless men.




This awesome fast food worker closed down his register to help a disabled man cut up his food.


When an earthquake destroyed a bridge, these Chinese soldiers became one themselves.


When Kyle Long, from the ‘Chicago Bears’, went to school for the day with this bullying victim.


The people who sent this terminally ill man mountains of letters because he loves to open them.


This owner of a dry cleaners has a heart of gold.




When LaMarr Woodley gave $60,000 to a school district athletics department so that students wouldn’t need to pay playing fees.


This awesome little girl!

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