What This Man Did To A Rotten Cabin He Found In The Woods Is Amazing


When a retired mathematician stumbled across an old, rotting 1830's cabin deep in the woods, he decided that it was just too good to walk on by, and that a complete overhaul and restoration project was in order! It took him a whole 10 years to complete the project. Just wait until you see the results. He completely transformed the place into something totally awesome!

Website: Imgur


The original 1830's log cabin before it was transferred to the other property.


Everything was labeled.


The logs were transferred to the property and the cabin began to take shape once more.


The cabin had begun to be restored.


The cabin is really taking shape!


This window was installed to give natural light to the cabin.


The fireplace was then constructed.


Doesn't it look amazing?


Possibly the best stairs in the world!



These wooden beams are practical and lovely to look at too!


The bed looks so cozy!


The fireplace looks so welcoming!


A panoramic view of the cabin interior.


Wouldn't you love to stay here?


The exterior of the fully restored and rebuilt cabin.

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