Food Inspired Handbags That Look So Delicious You’ll Wish You Could Eat Them

Have you ever loved a food so much that you wished you could have it by your side at all times? Well, that wouldn’t be very practical, but, we may just have the next best thing! Rommy Kuperus of ‘Rommy De Bommy’ is a Netherlands based designer who creates handmade food-inspired bags, clutches and purses. The pieces look deliciously realistic and are made out of different types of foams. Take a look below to see a few wonderful examples of her fabulous range!
Website: RommyDeBommy

Apple Core

Apple Pie

Berliner Donut

Cherry Chocolate Cake



Fruit Loops


Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone

Lolly Pop

Macaron Cake


Mini Sushi Roll

If you like what you have seen here, you might be interested in heading over to Rommy’s Etsy page where she also sells the most adorable, and of course yummy looking, bow ties and necklaces. Depending on what you’re interested in purchasing, you’re looking at paying anything between $50-$250 for an item. Rommy is currently working on an awesome clothing project whilst also running a great fashion blog. Keep going to see more scrumptious bags, clutches and purses!


Orange Cheesecake


Pizza Slice

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cookie

Red Velvet Cake



Spilling Coffee

Strawberry Cake


Sugar Donut


White Chocolate Cream Cake