Clever Mischief-Makers Pulling Harmless Funny Pranks

We see a lot of pranksters pulling evil genius pranks on people every now and then. The Internet offers plenty of their gags and people just can’t get enough of their antics. Who doesn’t enjoy a practical joke once in a while, right? As long as it is funny and inoffensive, a prank can certainly make our day brighter. You’d probably pulled your own pranks on other people and you’ve perhaps been pranked by some tricksters. Either way, you can’t deny the fact that funny pranks can turn a boring situation into a livelier one. Let these clever mischief-makers show you how to pull a funny yet harmless prank.



Googly eyes can turn any ordinary things into hilarious-looking ones.

hippiekayay / Reddit

Your co-workers will hesitate to open the door of their office if they see this.

oeloud / Imgur

If you’re going to pick a picture for your graduation invitation, you better do it yourself. Never ever let your Mom do it.

JoshPatson / Imgur

Are you looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day card for your loved one? Show your sweetheart what your heart truly desires. Just like this girl who let her boyfriend know what her heart was made of.

D3RPYherpy / Imgur

If you’re looking for a good deal, then you’re in the wrong place.

starkravingsober / Reddit

Gordon Ramsay in this idiot sandwich scene is one of the most unforgettable episodes in a TV show. This couple didn’t skip the chance to reenact this famous scene.

kaaatdoan / Twitter

Ratatouille the rat has found his new puppet.

madsters96 / Imgur

A day without a laughter is a day wasted. Thankfully, clever mischief-makers are everywhere to give us our daily dose of laughter.


See? I told you I can fit into this box!

clever mischief makers
lumixel / Imgur

Mom knows best. If you can’t think of anything for your yearbook quote, ask her for an advice.

LLIauTaH / Pikabu

When recess time can’t come soon enough and you’re already starving to death.

lizzywoolf2 / Twitter

This guy can’t get a good night sleep because his neighbor living upstairs always do vacuum cleaning when he’s sleeping. So he returned the favor and decided to vacuum clean his ceiling at 3am.

WhiteCodeine / Twitter

This kitchen decoration is meant to stimulate the appetite but it works the opposite when placed on the wrong spot.

chinchilla618 / Reddit

When you can’t come up with something new and yet it ends up brilliantly.


When the teacher is more interesting than the lesson.

zachkrone18 / Twitter

Platform 9 3/4 has been transferred and remodeled but is still as good as before.