14 Cool Kitchen Devices For Those Who Have A Passion For Cooking

Anyone with a passion for cooking will tell you that they have certain things in their kitchen that make being a great cook easier. For example, a favorite set of knives or a particular brand of pots and pans. This is fine, but sometimes, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Cooking is absolutely an art, but there are so many tools and devices out there that people never even give a chance. If you enjoy testing new things that help you out in the kitchen, you’re going to love this list of cool kitchen devices!


Apron With Removable Towel

What a great idea!

Kitchen Devices apron with removable towel


Brussels Sprout Prep Tool

Removes the stem and dense core, loosening leaves for cooking.

Kitchen Devices brussel sprout prep tool

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Cake Pan With Layers For Slicing

Every baker need’s one of these in their lives!

Kitchen Devices cake layers mould

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Pot With Draining Lid

This is perfect for making pasta. You’ll never need a colander again!

Kitchen Devices draining saucepan

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Electric Whisk

This electric whisk does a brilliant job and is handy for those times when you don’t want to get your large blender out.

Kitchen Devices electric whisk


Extra Oven Shelves

Utilize your oven space by adding extra shelves! Now you can cook more at once!

Kitchen Devices extra oven shelves

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Finger Guard

Say goodbye to sliced fingers with this awesome finger shield!

Kitchen Devices finger shield

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Lid Holder

This adorable attachment creates a small space whilst you cook.

Kitchen Devices lid lifter

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Meat Tongs

Cut even slices with ease using these meat tongs!

Kitchen Devices meat tongs

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Meatball Grill Tray

How to get perfectly grilled meatballs every time…

Kitchen Devices meatball tray

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Pasta Cooking Baskets

With these baskets, you can cook different types of pasta at once! And, they have built in drainage holes!

Kitchen Devices multiple pasta cooker

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Onion Holder

Some of us aren’t so great at slicing onions. This is no problem with this onion holder!

Kitchen Devices onion holder

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Pastry Cutter

Equal slices every time. No more arguments over who’s slice is bigger!

Kitchen Devices pastry cutter

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Universal Drainage Board

This is a wonderful size with sections for all the essentials.

Kitchen Devices universal drainage board

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