Creative Solutions for Unexpected Problems

There is always a solution to every problem, although we are surrounded by unforeseeable circumstances everyday that we need to solve and overcome.  Standard solutions are always dependable, but what if you let your imagination run wild and think of other alternatives that can save you money and effort?

Take a look at these 15 creative ideas that can solve different problems that you may encounter in your way.

15. Broken side mirror? A comb with mirror can be a good replacement.

14.  Because holding the phone by hand while lying down is quite tiring, you can take this kid’s idea of an innovative ‘phone ‘holder’.

13.  Take advantage of the heavy snow outside your home. An instant outside fridge!

12.  A broken leg isn’t the end for this office chair.

11.  No plate, no problem. Plus, you won’t be needing to wash dishes. What a convenience!

10.  Feeding four puppies in one go!

9.  Did you forget to bring a beach mat? As long as there are coconut leaves around you, there won’t be a problem. You just need to know how to weave though.

8.  Who says you need an expensive barbecue grill to enjoy a barbecue party?

7.  If your little puppy always runs away through the gaps of your fence, here’s an ingenious solution.

6.  If you want to avoid the costly repairs for your dented car, be witty and take a hint from this car’s owner.

5.  If you think coffee machines are only good for making coffee, think again.

4.  How to write Chinese – the noodle way!

3.  They say time heals all wounds. But in this case, it seems time needs the healing more.

2.  Duct tape to the rescue!

  1.  Resourcefulness can go a long way. And not even a broken adjustment knob can turn this car down.